After more than 10 years experience on the Environmental issues at different companies, ACRENASL employees joined and founded this Environmental Consultancy services proud of their ability to deliver high value advice based on the practical consulting skills.

Rocky Mountain N. park (Colorado, USA)

As a truly multidisciplinary environmental consultancy, we work across all project stage interfaces and are equipped to catch the key risks others miss. We assist clients in undertaking detailed site prospecting exercises and also in ranking project portfolios according to risk and opportunity. ACRENASL offers an independent, proactive assessment of projects at all stages of the lifecycle. We offer the specialist expertise, ecological insight, facilitate project planning and mitigate environmental impacts.

2010-2011 Mozura wind farm project (Montenegro, Balkans)

ACRENASL is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for business, people and environment, empowering our clients to achieve their sustainable development goals.

ACRENASL is a leading full service environmental consulting firm based in Madrid with national and international experience. Founded in 2009, it has offices in the Basque Country and Andalusia. International projects are currently focused at two emerging renewable markets in the Balkans and South Africa. Projects have been developed or supervised in Montenegro (Mozura wind farm) or the Western and Eastern Cape provinces in South Africa.


2011 Project Judean Desert (Israel)

Surveillance monitoring programmes are currently under way in Spain at different regions. Customers included private companies and public bodies such as IBERDROLA RENEWABLES; ACCIONA; FERSA Renewables S. A., and Local Governments such as La Rioja, Junta de Andalusia or Generalitat Valenciana respectively. One of the most renowned studies it was the re-opening into operational phase after two years and a half of 33 turbines in Northern Castellón (Valencia region). These turbines were shut-down after the developer being accused by the Court of affecting the EU Birds Directive.   

2011 Wind farm monitoring. South Africa Western Cape

Our services include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Environmental Scoping Reports (ESR)
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
  • Environmental and /or Biodiversity Management Plans (EMP)
  • Legal Auditing of compilance with relevant legislation 
  • Detailed Feasibility studies
  • Ecological Services
  • Environmental management
  • Wildlife Management

ACRENASL works with a range of clients globally including: Electricity Utilities, Independep Power producers, Local ann National Governments, Industrial clients, Turbine manufacturers, Wind farm developers and private landowners.